Extreme Sustainability


Save time and money.  Choose your sweater and glove, mitten, glitten.  Buy it.  Keep it forever.  Sweaters (and gloves) grow better with wear.  Season after season they great you like a favorite friend.  Gloves (mittens and glittens) meld to your hand contours creating a custom fit.  Fall in love.  Repeat for friends and family.  Simple.  No more throw away fashion.  No more time wasted shopping.  Live life.

No more throw-away fashion.  KUSIKUY is made of the highest quality, pure alpaca.  And hand knit using the best techniques, technical design, and most careful stitching - so it lasts.  Forever!  Each KUSIKUY hand-knit pure alpaca glove, mitten, glitten, or sweater comes with our lifetime guarantee.  Free.  My favorite sweater is 15 years old and still going!

Lifetime guarantee.  Any holes, tears, problems - contact us.  Send back your glove, mitten, glitten or sweater and we will repair or replace it.  At no charge.  Simple.  

Never a lost glove.  We sell single gloves in case you ever loose one (everyone loses their right glove!).  Buy one and complete your pair again.

Waste not.  Want not. When you are done with KUSIKUY send your glove, mitten, glitten or sweater back and we will give you $20 credit for gloves and $50 credit for sweaters  Even better we will send the gloves and sweaters back to Bolivia and re-knit them into new sweaters and blankets for village orphans.

Always a blessing.  KUSIKUY gloves are blessed with a ch'allah.  Always.  This Andean ceremony imbues love, hope, peace and abundance into each glove with deep reverence and thanks to Pachamama - mother earth - the Great Mother of us all. 

Fair Trade. All knitters earn a living wage and improve their well-being, leadership and skills while celebrating their culture and tradition.  KUSIKUY is a long time member of the Fair Trade Federation.