KUSIKUY uses only 100% pure alpaca fiber directly sourced from Bolivia’s royal herds bred by Inca Kings long ago.  This alpaca alone is the best in the world, with the highest micron count, making it super soft.  It is superior to Peruvian alpaca and any other fiber.  Even better, we buy direct from herder cooperatives so we know that herders are well paid and alpacas carefully cared for.  All yarn is hand shorn for a better quality fiber and less stress on the alpaca.  We spin it in Bolivia on the finest Italian spinning machines keeping earnings in Bolivia and creating yarn of rare, exquisite quality.  Customer digital dyeing is done in newly re-tooled facilities with the ultimate technology in water conservation and recovery.

KUSIKUY yarn is eco-ethical, 100% corporative made, animal-environment friendly. 


Relax and enjoy the luxury of KUSIKUY texting gloves and pure alpaca sweaters.


Where modern access meets ancient tradition.  In this time of Pachakuti, world change, as predicted by the Incas millennia ago, KUSIKUY creates a pause.  Permeated with the blessings of the ch’alla each glove and sweater is knit with wishes of well-being, calm and spiritual peace.

KUSIKUY heritage is felt within each of the more than 1,000 stitches and 12 hours of work that go into making each glove pair.  A heritage that is shared by only a few, KUSIKUY gloves are limited editions. Produced once and then never again.  

KUSIKUY sweaters are stitched by women as they move through their lives, selling in market stalls tending sheep herds, caring for children, attending school and village meetings.  The sweaters are a part of their lived before they become a part of yours.  Knit in 2 weeks with love, each sweater shares a special story of the woman who dreamed and blessed the sweater, thinking of you an your busy life as she progressed through her own.


Hand Knit difference