The ch'alla

An Andean celebration of life & gratitude.

KUSIKUY knitters deeply respect the Pachamama (earth mother) and their ancestors, remembering them with blessings and bunt offerings.  The first of the month, shops close early and families gather to pause, light a fire, burn myrrh and frankincense, spill alcohol on the earth, and thank the Pachamama, mountain and river spirits, and ancestors for not forgetting them, bringing them good luck and helping them through rough times. 

This is called the ch'alla.  An Andean celebration of life and gratitude.  

Knitters also perform a ch'alla when getting ready to start a knitting project, and when sending one off.  In these ch'alla ceremonies, the customer is included and blessings are extended over to them in the items knit - with wishes of safety, warmth, love and kindness.